The Different Types Of Employment Screening Services You May Encounter

28 July 2015
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Screening potential employees is a necessary process in today's business world. Hiring the wrong employee can result in hours of wasted training before finding out that a new hire isn't honest or reliable. In some cases, not performing the proper screening can lead to hiring a criminal or a drug addict. There are different levels of screening that can be performed. It would be a waste of time and money to perform a government background check and a full drug screen on every single job candidate. The level of employment screening that is undertaken will depend on the business and the type of job that needs to be done. Here are the four most common scenarios for the types of employment screening you may encounter in your job search.

Type 1: Basic screening

Potential candidates should provide references and the dates and job titles should be confirmed by these references. Candidates names will be looked up on the internet to see what kind of social presence they have and if it is appropriate for the company to be associated with. This is the type of screening that is usually associated with entry level jobs, internships, volunteer, and temporary positions.

Type 2: Basic screening plus a background check

This type of screening involves checking references, social media presence, and also having a background check run on the job candidate. This type of screening is important if there are any unexplained gaps in employment of the candidate's resume. A long period of unemployment can sometimes indicate incarceration. This type of screening is performed by a lot of companies, particularly if they are offering a full-time, long term position.

Type 3: Basic screening, background check, and drug screen

Many companies require a drug screen along with a background check. If employees drive on company time or use a company vehicle, use dangerous equipment, work in a hospital setting or doctor's office, or work with children or as a teacher, they are often required to drug test for insurance purposes. If they think they have found the perfect candidate, they will request a drug test within 24 hours of offering employment. This way, no illegal drugs will have time to leave the body.

Type 4: Full government background check

This is the most thorough background check that can be performed. If you are applying for a government job or work in a high security area, be prepared to have your background thoroughly researched and vetted. You will be fingerprinted and your information will be run through the federal criminal database.