FAQ About The Services Of A Fire Protection Engineer

10 January 2017
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Are you recovering from a fire in your business establishment that caused a large amount of damage? If the thought of going through the same situation again stress you out, there are ways to lower the risk of it happening. Even if your building happens to catch on fire again, you can take measure to prevent going through another large financial loss. You can seek assistance from a fire protection engineer to come up with the most ideal resolution. This article will answer some of the questions that might come to your mind in regards to the services that a fire protection engineer can provide to your business establishment.

Will There Be a Consultation About the Recent Fire?

One of the initial services that are typically provided by fire protection engineers is a consultation about the building in question. He or she will want to know where the recent fire started and will likely want to take a look at that area. Walking through your entire building might be done by the engineer, as it will give him or her a good idea of where fire hazards are. Your employees might be doing something that puts your building at risk of fires sparking up. For example, if your employees are in the habit of overloading electrical outlets with electronics, the engineer will likely notice it during the inspection and bring it up.

What Kind of Preventative Measures Might Be Suggested?

The specific type of preventative measures that a fire protection engineer suggests depends on what he or she finds when your building is inspected. If your building is old, he or she might suggest that it is rewired. Getting an electrical panel with a high amount of amps might also be suggested, especially if there is a large amount of electronics being used in your building. If there are no fire sprinklers in your building, you might be told to get a few installed in specific areas. A high quality fire alarm system might also be recommended by an engineer.

Will There Be Any Benefits for Employees of the Business?

Your employees will benefit from the services of a fire protection engineer. He or she will teach them techniques for getting out of a burning building, which will be helpful if another fire sparks up. The engineer will also show your employers how to properly use a fire extinguish in the event that they ae able to put a small fire out before it spreads.