3 Ways A Compensation Consultant Can Benefit Your Business

23 June 2016
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The job of a compensation consultant is to help a business design and implement employee pay structures. That includes base pay, sales compensation, executive compensation packages, and performance review strategies, among other things. At first glance, this may seem like the kind of thing your business should handle itself, but there are actually some important benefits to bringing in an outside consultant. Take a look at a few ways that a compensation consultant can help improve your business's compensation practices. Read More 

Tips For Getting The Most Benefit From Marketing Automation Software

27 April 2016
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When you purchase marketing automation software, you may be looking forward to it turning prospective customers into ones that are buying your services or products. However, making sure you are taking steps to optimize your system for allowing your automation software to work its magic is extremely important. Check out these tips for helping you get the most benefit from your marketing automation software. Clean Up Your Existing System Before you integrate automated marketing software into your business computer system, data cleaning is important. Read More 

Ensure All Patients Have The Best Experience Possible By Conducting Patient Experience Surveys

11 February 2016
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If you run a doctor's office, you want to be sure that the patients who come to your office receive the best service they can at all times. There are many times when people may not feel comfortable reporting poor treatment at the office because they know that the staff has access to their personal information and are fearful the person could do something with that information if they are angered. Read More